PA-Sponsored Programs: Spanish

Grades K-5 receive weekly Spanish instruction for 30 weeks.
PA funding for 2011-2012: $12,375

EVCS has had a successful Spanish program for many years. The younger children in kindergarten and first grade are introduced to Spanish through music, movement, and games. For grades 2-5, the older children are introduced to more complex sentences and some basic grammar. The Spanish teachers work with class teachers to align the program to compliment social studies and class projects.

Spanish classes for Kindergarten, 1st grade, and Christine’s 12-1-1 class are taught by Alfonso Mogaburo. Alfonso is a native of Spain, and a talented musician. “I incorporate music, role-play like shopping at the market, and aspects of Spanish culture into the curriculum,” Alfonso says. He finds that keeping kids active with a variety of exercises helps the students stay focused and absorb more. “I don’t just make them sit and listen. They practice speaking and working with each other while using Spanish,” Alfonso explains.

Mary Talbot teaches to the 2nd through 5th grade classes. Many parents know Mary as the Parent Coordinator, but they might not know that before she came to EVCS, Mary lived and worked in Nicaragua, where she learned Spanish while teaching first grade and running an aid program. She enjoys teaching Spanish at EVCS. “There’s an energy to the language that kids pick up on,” she says. She uses a project-based curriculum, which means that the lessons incorporate music, singing, and art. “It’s a lively, kinetic course.”

This is Alfonso and Mary’s second year teaching Spanish. In addition to the language, they teach about the different aspects of Latin cultures, which are already a part of many students’ lives either through their own families or just from living in New York City.