EVCS Weekly, December 5

Dear Parents and Guardians,

A huge thank you goes out to all of the EVCS students and staff for your Social Action with Harvest Festival! The Trinity Church soup kitchen and pantry and all of our neighbors who benefit are all very thankful for our contributions. Great work everyone! In keeping with our Social Action efforts, we will continue to collect coats this week. The last day to being in coasts will be this Friday, December 9 (all sizes welcome).

December Menus:

This Week

Tuesday, December 6 – After School Advisory Committee meeting
5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Room 204
If you have not already signed up for childcare (with pizza),
please email Moses at adminafterschool@evcsnyc.org to do so.

Wednesday, December 7 – No school for Pre-K

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5th graders will be hosting a book sale this Thursday and Friday


Hi Parents,

The 5th graders will be hosting a book sale this Thursday & Friday in the school yard during drop-off to help support their end-of-the-year camping trip. All books will be $1-$2, so please let your kids know & send them to school with a few bucks. Also, for parents, there will be coffee for $2.

Thanks so much for your support & we hope to see you there!

Parent Workshop for Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Parents and Guardians,

To mark the United Nation’s International Children’s Day this year, Six Seconds, the largest global organization dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence, will be facilitating a half-day workshop at EVCS aimed at raising awareness of children’s rights and our responsibilities in supporting them. This workshop will take place from 9am-12:30pm on Saturday, December 17th in our auditorium.

This workshop will be divided into three parts:

1. Self-Awareness
What are children’s rights, and how being more aware of our own Thoughts, Feelings and Actions can help support our children

2. Relationships
What makes for healthy relationships, and how does our “Brain Style” help or hinder them

3. Being Aware, Intentional and Purposeful
What are children’s rights and our responsibilities, and how can we use the 3-step process of being Aware, Intentional and Purposeful to fulfill these rights

This all-morning workshop is for up to 40 adults and will help us explore our own emotional intelligence so that we can help better support our children. Much like you’re instructed to do with an oxygen mask on an airplane – we need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of those around us. We hope you can join us for this workshop – Free child care will be provided!

Use THIS FORM to sign up by Friday, December 9th. We are capping this workshop at 40 people, so please sign up today!

If you have any questions, please contact Liz

EVCS Weekly, November 28

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.37.00 PM

Dear Parents and Guardians

If you are missing any clothing items please check the Lost and Found in the main lobby.There are 3 large boxes full of items. A water bottle collection is also growing! We will be taking all unclaimed items to the Goodwill early Friday, December 9. Be sure to stop by to check it out before Friday the 9th.

Next Week

Monday, November 28
SWMM, Hosted by 2nd Grade

Monday, November 28
EVCS Community Coat Swap – Get your coats ready!
Please bring lightly used coats to the yard Monday morning.
We will have tables set up for swapping coats. Bring one, take one.
Any coat left behind will be added to the Annual Coat Drive outlined below.

Collecting Winter Coats for the Annual Drive!
Following our community swap Monday, we will continue to collect Winter Coats as part of an annual Winter Coat Drive. The Coat Drive we are supporting is a city-wide effort run by New York Cares which aims to collect 125,000 coats each year and distribute them to New Yorkers who need them most in the colder months. The Coat Drive has been running for 27 years and counting, thanks to generous New Yorkers like you!
We revised our collection dates: from Tuesday, November 29 through Friday, December 9. Please reach out to James if you have time to help out. Coats will be collected in the yard daily and stored until we donate them.

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Harvest Festival Tomorrow!

Dear EVCS Family,

Tomorrow is the Harvest Festival! If you haven’t already brought in cans of food, it’s not too late. You can bring them tomorrow morning directly to the auditorium.

Apropos, our fifth grade students have been learning a song in Spanish with the help of parent Anna Cordero. It’s a beautiful song by Danny Rivera with a message that resonates deeply as we prepare for our Harvest Festival. The words in Spanish are:

Tu gente es mi gente, tu hambre es mi hambre _
Tu rabia es mi rabia, que no importa nadie _
Y mis ilusiones por querer ser alguien _
Y a estar separados, aquí entre dos calles._

It can be translated as:

Your people are my people, your hunger is my hunger _
Your anger is my rage, that nobody matters _
And my dreams of being someone _
And to be separated, here between two streets._

I’m so proud that we are teaching our students that we won’t let the streets we happen to be on, or anything else separate us in our community! The fifth graders will be sharing this song at a School-Wide Morning Meeting soon.

We’ll get started right at 8:50 with a little singing, and then we’ll march down to the Trinity Church soup kitchen and pantry by 9:15. I sure hope you can join us.



EVCS Weekly, November 21

Dear Parents and Guardians

There is still time to contribute canned items and boxed food for the Harvest Festival next week! We ask that you choose plastic containers over glass with items such as peanut butter, jams or other items. Thank you!

Next Week

Tuesday, November 22, 8:50 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Harvest Festival
We hope that you can join us for our celebration and walk!

We begin promptly at 8:50 a.m. in the auditorium and then quickly load up all of the items, We will need all hands on deck! Then we all walk to Trinity Church departing at 9:15. If you have a cart, please bring it to the auditorium to load up food items to help tow the items to the Church. Additional cans, bags or boxed food items may go directly to the auditorium.
Flyer Click Here.

Thursday and Friday, November 24-25
Thanksgiving Recess: School is Closed


Following Thanksgiving Break

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A new School Playground – Vote!

Plan #1

Plan #1

Over the past month, a group of our fourth grade students have been working with students from CWS and P94 to design our new school yard with the Trust for Public Land! Their planning has taken into consideration not only what would be fun for our students but also what would create the most positive environmental impact as well. Our students collected survey data from the nearly 1,000 students and teachers in our building to think about what all students wanted to see – keeping in mind the different age groups as well as interests. They had to keep in mind the soccer players, the make-believe players, the jump-ropers, the book-readers – and everyone in between! They also studied the yard for sun/shade, drainage and water, and the slope of the ground, creating detailed maps to use in their work. They also looked at other playgrounds to gather ideas. Using all of this data, they created two plans that we as a community can vote on.

All students will vote in their classrooms on Thursday and Friday of this week, but parents are also invited to vote! Please use THIS FORM to look at the two proposed plans and cast your vote online by Friday at 3:00pm. Both designs will also be posted in the school yard this Friday from 8am-8:30am with a paper ballot box available for in-person voting.

This school yard will be a great place for our students to enjoy for years to come – and will also become public space on afternoons and weekends for our whole community. We hope you will be part of this democratic participatory process on Friday morning!

Form link: https://goo.gl/forms/7GuhVMgnwBWmyzlB3

Plan #2

Plan #2

Blind Cinema

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 2.25.31 PM

Dear families of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students,

You know what’s one of the very best salves in trying times? Art. Making art, looking at art, talking about art, and participating in art happenings can do wondrous things for the soul. Well, we have a unique opportunity this year for our kids to get involved in something very cool through a new partnership with Performance Space 122.

PS122 will be working with Belgian-based artist Britt Hatzius to bring her film/performance experience called Blind Cinema to New York City this winter as part of their Coil Festival. EVCS kids will play a very important role in the experience of this film, and any interested 3rd, 4th or 5th grade students from EVCS are invited to participate. Here’s a statement from the artist about the project:

In the darkness of a cinema space, the audience sits blindfolded. Behind each row of audience members is a row of children who in hushed voices describe a film only they can see. Accompanied by the soundtrack (which has no dialogue), the whispered descriptions are a fragile, fragmentary and at times struggling but courageous attempt by the children to make sense of what they see projected on the screen.

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